An Ode to Rome

This article was originally published on Travelin’ Kait in 2014.

This is for you Rome, a city that has captured my heart and became a part of who I am and who I will be…

I may never be remembered meeting you, but you will always remain. Just like me, thousands of people have met you, then passed away into history. Your columns, temples and churches inspire people everyday, teaching us that history has no end and the past is always present in the future.

You are an everlasting city in a neatly organized chaos of churches built on temples, medieval fortresses mixed with baroque fountains, and a modern shopping mall with an ancient Roman wall going through it. The words “old” and “new” don’t exist for you, for time is frozen here. Every corner contains a mystery just waiting to be uncovered. How many things have passed since you were built! How many things you will have in your future when my generation is long gone!

You have given us philosophy, astronomy, architecture, music, art, and medicine, things that are still as fundamental for life in our day as they were in yours. No man or woman of my time could be compared to people like Marcus Aurelius, Julius Caesar, Constantine, or Cicero! Never could our computers or cranes recreate a Pantheon as majestic or a Colosseum quite as breathtaking!


Although your golden days are long in the past and your power lost beneath the ruins, you are still standing firm, strong and proud, inspiring us all. Although your columns are on their sides with weeds and poppies grown around them, I still sit next to your ruins and feel like one with history and time.  I would love to go back in time and take a walk down your streets, watching citizens in togas go by and soldiers of the legion march along.  But unfortunately, a time machine hasn’t been invented yet, so I just imagine. I imagine buildings stretching up high and the Roman Eagle soaring high in the sky.

I would do anything to hear your walls speak, what would they say? What secrets do they hide? Your stones have stood in their places for so long! They have survived the Dark Ages, the Renaissance and the World Wars.   They have lived through the rise of Christianity to the discovery of America and the French Revolution.  What would their prospective of history be? How would they explain events that happened throughout history? These are only questions I can ask, and will never get answered.

I guess this is the beauty of history: since you can’t go back into the past the only thing you can do is use your imagination, and recreate in your mind another time way back when…

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