Beyond Giza – 4 Incredible Destinations in Egypt That Will Inspire You

From the lush Nile Valley to the dry desert dunes, Egypt is a land of beauty and contrasts. Here you can experience the  history and culture of the Ancient Egyptians that lived so long ago, a civilization considered on of the most advanced and developed in the world.

But what is there to see beyond just the Pyramids? Here are 4 amazing destinations and activities to experience the real culture and history of Egypt beyond Giza.


Located in the heart of Egypt, Luxor is a perfect place to experience the real culture and see some of the most impressive and stunning sites in the whole country. Here you can find the Karnak temple, Luxor temple, Valley of the Kings, the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut,  and many more incredible places. Karnak temple is the 2nd biggest complex of temples in the world and was once the cultural center and capital of religion in ancient Egypt.

Valley of the Kings is a perfect place to see ancient tombs of kings that lived thousand of years ago and have a real Indiana Jones experience.  Decorated with intricate designs and hieroglyphics, these tombs became famous after the exciting discovery of the boy king – Tutankhamun. Luxor is my favorite city in all of Egypt and a perfect place to have as a home base for further adventures and day trips.

Go on a Nile Cruise

The more luxurious and exciting way to adventure throughout Egypt is a cruise down the Nile to enjoy the beauty, peace, and serenity of the river. As you sail along the river, each day you can stop at different temples or archeological sites, experience different cities and see the real life of local Egyptians. Cruising was when I saw how incredibly beautiful and magical Egypt is, and I got to see the real life of the country and the incredible people that live in it.

Saqqara and Dashur

While the Great Pyramids in Giza are worth visiting, a more peaceful option are Saqqara and Dashur. The Step Pyramid in Saqqara is older that the Great Pyramids and is in fact the oldest pyramid in existence in Egypt. The famous Imhotep created the idea of the Pyramid, a inspirational man also known as the greatest architect of all times. Saqqara was so rustic and peaceful compared to Giza and a better option for anyone who wants to really enjoy the peace and mystic of the history of ancient Egypt.

In Dashur are two very famous pyramids; the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid. These two stunning monument were both built about 4000 years ago (before the Pyramids in Giza) and are more intact than any of the other pyramids I have seen. The Bent Pyramid was constructed around 2600 BC and has a very unique shape. It is called bent because the angle of the pyramid changed half way through, giving it the appearance of being bent. The reason by this is still a mystery to the world – some say that they changed the angle half way through construction after realizing that it was too steep, while others think that this was no mistake but cannot find a reason behind it. The Red Pyramid was constructed after the Bent Pyramid and is made with a yellow and red bricks, giving it its name.


Aswan, situated on the northern part of the First Cataract of the Nile, is a beautiful city that once was a gateway to Nubia and a crossroad of cultures. Here you can take a boat out to an island to visit the beautiful Philae temple, learn about the Aswan dam and Lake Nasser, as well as experience the real life and culture of the Nubian people. From Aswan you can drive through the desert to visit the magnificent temple Abu Simbel, just 3 hours away.

Have you ever been to Egypt? What was your experience there? 

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