Kids are Kids – A Chat With Afghan Refugee Kids In Greece

No matter what part of the planet we come from, the language we speak, or the way that we pray, we all are dreaming of a beautiful life and achieving our dreams. While volunteering in Athens, Greece we asked some Afghan refugee boys to tell us about themselves and their dreams. We realized that it doesn’t matter the differences that divide us, kids are kids at heart.

We must overcome these ideas that divide us and make us feel so separate from one another because of where we come from or where we live. These borders that divide us cannot divide our human bond of being one family on this planet. We are all human at heart and all have great dreams for our lives.

Here’s to the kids who keep dreaming and are joyful even in the midst of such difficult times. Here’s to the refugee kids who haven’t given up on life and their goals. Here’s to the kids who see a brighter future and a brighter tomorrow even when the darkness seems to be caving in. Here’s to these amazing refugees who are an inspiration on what the words dedication and determination really mean.

Make sure to visit our charity website Kids Unite 4 Hope to learn more about our work with refugee kids!

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