Sailing By the Amalia Glacier in Chile on Christmas Eve Morning

There it was, out in the distance, hiding behind a blanket of fog, so close to the reach of man yet so wise amongst nature, a place of eternal knowing. The ice, having been there for millennia, creeps down towards the water, leaving behind a trail of despair. Yet amongst this ruin flowers beauty beyond compare.”

– Written in my journal on the 24th of December

Early morning on Christmas eve, I wake up to the announcement that we have arrived at the magical Amalia Glacier, down in Southern Chile. This glacier was one of the highlights of the things I was looking forward to, and I knew that I wanted to get the best experience of it!

As I walked up to the top deck, there it was, so beautiful and stunningly blue, the clouds slowly clearing to show the bright blue sky behind. Although the air was freezing and my whole was body was cold, I just kept gazing and waiting, waiting for the sun to shine through. 

Then it came, the sun shined through the clouds to bring out the green colors of the mountains and the blue of the water – now the glacier even more blue and stunning! Even pictures cannot capture the magnitude of how big this glacier is and the amount of ice that is condensed. 

Originating in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, this glacier is eroding part of the Reclus Volcano. Although it was hidden behind the clouds, I could just imagine how much power this glacier must have to erode that much rock! Nature truly is magnificent in all of its creation and the Amalia glacier is a perfect example of this beauty! 

Have you ever seen a glacier before? What was your experience like?

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