The Beauty of Dreams

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How are we shaped as human beings? What sculpts us to become the magnificent piece of art we’re all able to become? What drives us to pursue everything we want in life? And most importantly, what keeps us motivated in times of fear and doubt? It appears the only true answer is: dreams.

Dreams build us to be who we strive to become, they’ve had grip of us since we were small. They push us to be what we’ve always pictured in our heads and they help us weave our way out of ambiguity and uncertainty. They mold our path into existence and prepare a future of wonder, passion and love. When we follow our dreams we’re following the life planned out for us and when we’re not we live in dishonesty with ourselves convincing each other we’re doing what’s right.

So how do you know when you’re following your dream? Dreams are born out of love, they are a manifestation of the greatest achievements we have yet to accomplish. They are love, they are that emotion you feel that makes your heart flutter and make your soul light up. Dreams are the love you feel towards your family and friends, towards the people and the things that you hold most dear in this world. Dreams are that passion that sparks fire across your soul and across the world. Dreams are what light the path to who you are and all the magnificence you have yet to become.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. So find your dreams and hold them tight, don’t let them slip out of your future. Look at the opportunities in your hand, look at your dreams and know that the world is wide, so see the beauty in your dreams. Everyone is sculpted by the dreams they’ve dreamed. The future belongs to you and the world, to the people, the dreams, the songs yet unheard. The future belongs to those who believe, to those who have faith in the beauty of their dreams.

Love, Cassidy

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