About Us

Hi! We are Todd, Gina, Kaitlin, Cassidy, and Trevor – a family of explorers on a mission to make a positive impact on the world. We turned childhood dreams into reality by questioning the rules, challenging the ordinary, and escaping the status quo to create an extraordinary life filled with wonder, gratitude, family connection, laughter, and giving back.

So far, we have explored over 90 countries on 6 continents and lived in 12 cities in 8 different countries since 1995. In 2013, we left our home in Italy to become full-time nomads and volunteers. We’ve done all of this while maintaining a remote corporate job, overcoming cancer and a ongoing disability, and embracing the world as our classroom. Although it wasn’t always easy and we sometimes felt like giving up, we followed our hearts, conquered our fears and ignored all the cynics to design a fun, free, exciting life where we get to capture the magic of the world everyday.

We hope our story inspires others to always follow their hearts and chart their own course – leading them to the life of their dreams.