Join Us on our Inaugural Expedition to Egypt in 2021!

We are so excited to share this experience with you and show you this extraordinary country that we love. We have traveled extensively throughout Egypt over our 6 visits there and have chosen the most magical and stunning places to show the tribe! Egypt is one of our favorite places on the planet, its culture, history, and people are unique to anywhere else in the world, and you will come back completely changed by these magical experiences!

We are searching for open-minded, inclusive, spiritual, passionate, adventurous people who are eager to go deep, share their beautiful souls with the tribe, and transform their lives while making the world a little brighter.


We will be immersing ourselves into the real Egypt, not just the part that most tourists see. We will take time to get to know the locals – especially the super sweet and friendly kids that LOVE to meet tourists. We will take carriage rides through the backstreets, learn to haggle at the souks, try the local foods that they don’t serve in the main tourist areas, and much more!

So if you are ready for a unique, authentic experience and are ready to embrace the backstreets filled with friendly, energetic locals, villages where you will see the way the Egyptians really live, and are ready for a true expedition, not just a 5-star resort experience, then we would love to have you join us!

The ancient intricately decorated minarets soar above the sky, the enchanting smell of spices linger in the air as the twinkling lanterns hang from every shop and the sun sets over the sand colored buildings. As the last ray of sun hides behind the bustling city, the voice of the call to prayer echoes off the Pyramids and out across the desert dunes…welcome to Egypt!  – Kaitlin Siena Murray

Our Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrive in Cairo and drive to the hotel in Giza across from the Pyramids. Open day to relax by the pool and meet the tribe. Welcome Dinner! 

Day 2 – Explore the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Evening – Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids.

Day 3 – Day trip to visit Saqqara and Dashur and see the Step Pyramid, the Bent Pyramid, and the Red Pyramid.

Day 4 – Visit the Egyptian Museum in the morning and optional Citadel or Coptic Cairo. Explore and shop at Khan El Khalili bazaar in the evening

Day 5 – Early morning flight to Aswan and board the Nile cruise boat, visit the Aswan High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk, and Philae Temple and go on a felucca ride down the Nile to Elephantine Island. 

Day 6 – Sail towards Kom Ombo and visit the temple and then sail to Edfu and take a carriage ride to the Edfu Temple.

Day 7 – Visit the Esna Temple and spend the evening watching the scenery as we sail towards Luxor. Egyptian Party! Dress like an Egyptian!

Day 8 – Arrive in Luxor and visit the Valley of the Kings – King Tut’s tomb!, the Temple of Hapshetsut, and the Colossus of Memnon.

Day 9 – Disembark from the boat and arrive at our hotel in Luxor in the morning. Take a felucca to lunch on an island on the Nile. Evening – Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show.

Day 10 – Visit Luxor Temple and optional Karnak Temple or Ramesseum.

Day 11 – Visit the Valley of the Queens, Valley of the Workers, and Howard Carter’s home. Evening at the Luxor bazaar.

Day 12 – Open day to visit many other sights, take a handicraft class, shop, and relax by the pool.

Day 13 – Leave Luxor and join us for an optional trip to Hurghada on the Red Sea! Drive by private escorted van to our all-inclusive resort on the beach, complete with waterslides and a full schedule of entertainment by the animation team.

Day 13 – 18 Spend the days relaxing at the beach or pool, swimming in the sea, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, and a full day on a boat to visit beautiful islands and go snorkeling

There will be special optional tribe workshops everyday. We will wait to list them once we know which of you would like to share your wisdom with the tribe! We will also be having parties, dinners, and many more fun activities where we can all become like a family by the end of the trip!

A more detailed itinerary will be provided soon – with hotel names, the Nile Cruise boat we will be on, the cost of the trip, and much more in-depth information.

Your Expedition Destinations

Along our journey we will be stopping in many different cities including Cairo, Giza. Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada and all of the stops along the way during the Nile Cruise. Although there are many more stunning destinations and ancient sights that we will visit, here are some of the places you will get the chance to experience on your journey! 

The Pyramids and the Sphinx

Experience first hand one the the most iconic places in the world! There is nothing like actually standing right below the pyramids themselves and marveling at their stunning size and presence! Feel the powerful energy of this ancient wonder of the world as you explore on foot, by camel, or by horse and carriage.


Karnak Temple

Walk through the magnificent ruins of the ancient capital of Egypt, the mystic city of Thebes. With its stunning colossal statues, colonnades, and obelisks, this temple transports you back in time to the days of Ramses the Great and Nefertari. 

Philae Temple

Sitting on an island in the heart of the Nile River in Upper Egypt, the Philae Temple is unique to any other ancient sight in Egypt! We will be immersed in the Nubian culture as we take a boat to the temple and be transported back in time as we are surrounded by sun-drenched walls covered in heiroglyphics.

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Valley of the Kings

Come face to face with King Tut himself and walk in the footsteps of Howard Carter as you explorer the ancient tombs of the pharaohs in Valley of the Kings. These stunning tombs are so well preserved they look like they were painted yesterday, and yet have been hiding under the sand for over 3000 years.

Sail Down the Nile

During our expedition as we sail down the Nile from Aswan to Luxor, we will get to experience the beauty of this eternal river and watch the daily life go by. Village after village, you will get to experience life on the Nile and always have a chance to wave at excited kids wanting to get a glimpse of the tourists! 


The Saqqara Pyramids

Ever wondered where the first pyramids actually were? And how they came up with the idea? The Step Pyramid of Saqqara was the first Egyptian pyramid to be built! The Bent and Red Pyramids hold their own secrets and mysteries yet to be uncovered, and you can have the chance to climb to the heart of the Red Pyramid and feel like the real Indiana Jones! 

Kom Ombo and Edfu Temples

Along the Nile you can find so many incredible temples to visit! Kom Ombo and Edfu both have their own magic and uniqueness, and the journey to reach both is such an amazing adventure. As we sail down the river, we will stop at each site right on the shore. Not only will we see these ancient temples that have survived for thousands of years, we will get to immerse ourselves into the local culture and meet the friendly locals!


The Red Sea

Swim in the crystal blue water of the Red Sea and enjoy the vacation feel of the towns along the water. Say hello to clown fish, parrot fish, and thousands more species as you take a boat trip out into the vibrant turquoise water of Egypt, where the desert meets the sea!

I could see a merging of earth and sky on the horizon, the world becoming one in an ever-reigning peace which filled the desert miles in each direction, the rest of the world disappearing away, time irrelevant in the vast Sahara. Then, there, breaking the silence of the desert, three huge pyramids reach for the sky, their stones crumbling and their tips withered. They stand tall and proud, not imposters, just commanders of the desert, rulers of this eerie land. Their glory days are buried deep underneath the sand dunes, which move swiftly as I write these very words.  – Kaitlin Siena Murray

What You Will Learn

Become An Egyptologist

Our expedition will be an adventure to immerse ourselves into the ancient history of Egypt and learn all about their stories, mythology, hieroglyphics, and daily life in the temples and ancient ruins themselves. Everyday we will learn together in the field from local Egyptian Egyptologists and from your expedition guides and feel like you’re time traveling back to the days of the Pharaohs.

By the end of the expedition, our graduating class of Egyptologists will know how to:

  • Read basic hieroglyphic letters, cartouches, and words
  • Know the myths and stories of Egyptian mythology
  • Have in-depth knowledge of the history of ancient Egypt (Old, Middle, New Kingdom and the Roman Period), the Pharaohs, and daily life of the ancient Egyptians
  • Have knowledge of the ancient Egyptian architecture (including pyramids and temples) and their functions

Enrich Your Soul Through Culture

Discover the magic of the vibrant Egyptian culture as you immerse yourself into it and have a full experience of the people, food, history, art, and music of this stunning country. No where else in the world has the energy of Egypt, every aspect of their daily life is full of centuries old traditions, art, music, and exquisite food. During our trip we will: 

  • Taste local flavors and have traditional Egyptian meals and attend a cooking class
  • Learn how to capture the mystical essence of Egypt in your writing
  • Listen to stories about daily life in Egypt as a local
  • Meet local people and make new friends
  • Explore the bazaars and go trinket shopping 
  • Learn basic Egyptian Arabic words and phrases
  • Experience rural life of the Egyptian people and visit traditional villages
  • Dance to Arabic music on the cruise during “gallabeyya (Egyptian tunic) night” 
  • Immerse yourself in the culture as you experience Egypt every single day! 

Transform and Be Inspired

In between visiting the stunning sites and taking part in cultural activities, we will be hosting tribe-led workshops about a variety of topics and having sessions with our guides to learn more about Egyptian history or culture. All of the workshops will be centered around forming deeper connections with one another and learning how to become better versions of ourselves. 

Our goal is to have sessions that will give us a deeper understanding of who we are, create more meaningful friendships, open our eyes to new ideas and concepts, and give everyone the chance to share their wisdom with the group. 



Want to Join Us on Our Expedition?

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