What Is An Expedition?

Welcome to One of the Most Transformational Adventures of Your Life!

JOIN US for a 2-3 week adventure with an awesome tribe from all over the world.

Explore a new destination, learn and grow together as a group, connect with a new culture, and volunteer to meet and serve the local community.

Our main activities include:  

  • Explore a new country and visit multiple cities together
  • See the most magical sights and attractions
  • Learn first hand about the history and culture of the country
  • Connect with the locals and soak in their knowledge through culturally immersive activities
  • Engage in tribe-led workshops covering intriguing topics like soul connections, nomadic lifestyle, mindfulness, living with passion and purpose, conscious parenting, alternative styles of education, and many more! 
  • Create a new family with the tribe 
  • Volunteer and give back to the local community 
  • Make extraordinary new memories!

Explore The World

Travel with us to an incredible destination in countries you have always wanted to see!  For each expedition we have designed the perfect itinerary to experience the best cities and sights and have once in a lifetime cultural experiences. Each day will be filled with an adventure to an intriguing site, walking around the city, meeting the locals, and our engaging in workshops and learning sessions to grow closer as a tribe and share our own individual knowledge.  Your guides already have an in-depth knowledge of the countries ahead of time and will help you have the most magical and life-changing experience by showing you all of the best parts of the country. It will be a cultural immersion to see the real side of the destination and understand its heart and soul! 

Expand Your Mind

The world is our classroom! With fun excursions and cultural immersion experiences, gain insight into the history and wisdom of the country you are in. Instead of sitting in a classroom or reading in a book, you can stand in the places you have always dreamed of seeing and have shared moments of awe with your tribe.

  • Learn first hand in the sites and cities we are exploring
  • Join talks, workshops, and masterminds about a variety of topics
  • Engage in dynamic cultural experiences with the local people
  • Learn about the culture, traditions, and beliefs from the locals

Create Deep Lasting Connections

Make lasting friendships with people from all over the world as you learn, experience, go deep, and have fun together! Not only will you get to know a tribe of incredible people, you will also meet many locals who can teach you all about their culture, customs, traditions, and create a bond that transcends cultures, languages, and religions. We like to imagine it as a mutual exchange, you take a part of that country with you into your heart and you leave a piece of yourself there too – you leave your footprints on the sands of time in a complete different part of the world.

Make an Impact

During the expedition we will spend time volunteering and working with kids and families in need. Based on the country and city, we will be collaborating with different non-profits to give back to the local community we are visiting and spread some love to others!  Every one of us has the power to help someone in need and brighten up someone else’s day, and we want to share this beautiful moment of sharing kindness with you too! You can be the change in someone’s life, changing their story and creating a legacy of love and compassion that the world so desperately needs.

How Will You Grow?

Step Outside of your comfort zone

When we are immersed in a new culture and are pushed outside of our comfort zone, we are free to grow and learn more than we ever would in our same environment that we live in on a daily basis. With this new style of learning from the world, you can actually have a profound shift not only in your knowledge but also within yourself and your development as a person.  You will grow in ways you could have never imagined as you are inspired, moved, and transformed by your experiences!

Embrace Diversity

As you experience these new places and see daily life first hand in a country other than your own, you come to understand how we are not so different and that every culture is beautiful. From the Egyptian souqs to the temples in Myanmar, the richness of this world is beyond compare and we can learn something from everyone. Your eyes will be opened to the beauty of this diverse world we live in! 


Excavate Deep Within Your Soul

As you create these new memories and take part in our transformational workshops with the tribe, you will discover more within yourself than you could ever imagine. Our goal is to help you excavate deep within your soul to uncover all of the dreams, passions, and goals you have within you! As you are pushed outside of your comfort zone and exposed to so many new experiences, you start to become more aware of the person you truly are on the inside and everything you have to offer the world! 

Fall in Love with A New Culture

When you experience another culture, you become a global citizen who understands that all cultures are amazing and have something unique to offer the world. You will fall in love with a complete different language, customs, traditions, and history as you immerse yourself fully into it. You will forever more carry a part of that culture with you wherever you go and one way or another, it will change you in ways you never expected. Experience magical cultures, beautiful languages, vibrant colors, loving people, exotic music, whimsical art, delicious food, mystical stories, and lots of laughter!


Discover the Feeling of Oneness

Getting to know the culture and meeting the locals first hand and hearing their stories, you will gain a sense of oneness with the world.  The more you travel, the more you realize how small the world actually is and that the differences that we think divide cultures are actually non-existent. You will gain a more global perspective as you understand that we are all the same and that humanity is one family on the planet. In a current time of divisive politics, we need to learn and experience this oneness and share this message with others! 


Ignite Your Curiosity

The more you see the less you know! When you join us on our expeditions, you will open your eyes to a whole new part of the world and realize that there is so much more out there. Engaging fully with new cultures, meeting people, and hearing their stories, you will come to understand that the world has so much more to learn, understand, and discover. Just like when you were a child, your curiosity and imagination will reignite as you discover the vast amount of cultures, people, wisdom, and beauty that inhabit our planet.

Our Upcoming Destinations