Meet Our Family

Hello and Welcome to Soul Expedition!

A Labor of Love and Adventure That’s Been 30 Years in the Making!


For the past 25 years, Todd and I have been traveling the world chasing childhood dreams that we once thought were out of reach. We met in college in 1989 and immediately bonded over our desire to travel and live our lives abroad. That led to us moving to Mexico in 1991 and kick-started our travel frenzy – where every job was taken based on whether it allowed us the possibility to travel internationally. Immediately after getting married in 1995, we left the US with one way tickets to travel around Europe, which ended up being the point of no return. We had fallen in love with the culture, freedom, and lifestyle of Europe and there was no turning back – and the rest is history.

Since then, we have lived in Spain, Holland, Germany, France (twice!), Italy, and Greece. All 3 of our kids had passports at birth and learned how to read maps before they could even read books! In 2013, after having lived abroad for 18 years, including 11 years in Italy, we were ready for something new! We had reached the summit of our earlier dreams and were still longing for more. We realized that we wanted adventure, freedom, and spontaneity that you can’t get when you have kids in school. And since Todd’s job was almost fully remote, the only thing stopping us was our own insecurity about taking them out of school. We decided to take a leap of faith and create our own form of education – one where the world is their classroom and the experiences and people they meet along the way are their teachers.

That was 6 years ago and it was without a doubt the greatest decision of our lives! So far we have journeyed to over 90 countries in all corners of the earth. We have dared to go to places and made friends with people we were told to avoid. We have smashed every stereotype and searched for the true stories of the people and places on our beautiful planet. Through these profound experiences, our family has completely transformed in ways we never expected. We now travel the world asking what can we leave behind in each place we visit instead of what we can we take as we go. We strive to leave a spark of joy wherever we go and create beautiful friendships and soul connections.

So, why did it take us 25 years of travel adventures before we decided to shout our story from the rooftops? Fear. Fear of not seeming humble. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of showing vulnerability. Fear of being judged. Fear of people thinking, “Who do they think they are?” etc…, etc…

But all that fear and apprehension has now disappeared thanks to our new amazing tribe, a community called Mindvalley. Our friends encouraged us and said that our journey, even with all its ups and downs, has been an incredible gift that we need to pass on to others. They  made us realize that our unique lifestyle and epic family adventures could inspire so many others to dream big and not settle for the ordinary and that sharing was actually a way to give back to the world. And since our greatest joy is sparked by helping others, there was no more doubt in our minds – it’s time to share.

So that is how Soul Expedition was born – out of a love for giving back and a desire to empower others by showing them that there is another way to live life – and it can extraordinary!

Hi, I’m GINA (aka MAMA GINA) and I am pretty much the instigator of our crazy life adventure. I have been in love with travel my entire life. In fact, without travel I know I would not be the person I am today. Through travel I found my love for the world and all the people in it. I am so blessed to have kids, teens, and adults around the world call me Mama Gina, a name which was born years ago while traveling extensively through Turkey and then became my identity while my family worked (and fell in love) with hundreds of Syrian, Afghan, and Iraqi refugee kids and their parents at refugee camps in Greece. The name Mama Gina, when spoken by precious, loving, innocent children in the sweetest voices imaginable (always accompanied by a big hug!), is all the proof I need that I have found my purpose in life – to help others and give joy and love to as many people as I can. I live now with so much gratitude for the beautiful life I get to live and for all the wonderful people I am honored to call my friends and new family.

But my life wasn’t always like this, in fact, as a child and teen I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined a life this fulfilling and abundant…but that is a really long story, one I’d love for you to know… So to hear more about me and discover the real reason why we travel like madmen, check out our WHY WE TRAVEL page. 🙂

Todd is the dad of our crew, an avid traveler, a software consultant, partner in 3 start-up ventures, and the one who funds all of our travel quests.  He has the great skill of balancing international work projects and a full family schedule. He’s always up for a new adventure and seeks to see the positive in everything that comes our way. Todd applies his traveling lifestyle experiences to his daily work allowing him to effectively manage almost any situation. Throughout all the travels, countries, and adventures he has fine tuned the art of managing clients, developing new opportunities, and his own personal growth.

Todd has taken the combination of Global Nomadic Travels, entrepreneurship, and volunteering to create a code that allows him to unlock the power of profitability, contribution, and purpose.  We can always count on him for a daily pep talk and to be the calm in the occasional storm of family travel adventures!

Kaitlin is 21 and is a refugee advocate, activist, international speaker, and author on a mission to discover the beauty of every culture and design a magical life full of purpose, curiosity, and transformation. She is passionate about travel poetry, health and wellness, intercultural studies, spirituality, and inspiring others to take action to make the world more inclusive and compassionate. She co-founded a charity called Kids Unite 4 Hope, which helps refugees, and has spoken in schools and companies across the United States, Italy, Morocco, Greece, and Estonia to raise awareness about the refugee crisis and inspire others to raise their voices and help others. She is an author in the Chicken Soup for the Soul book the Joy of Less and has her own blog called Travelin’ Kait, filled with deep reflections and mystical stories of her journeys.

Cassidy is a history lover, storyteller, environmentalist, activist, avid humanitarian and aspiring actress and filmmaker. She is 19 and loves documenting our journeys  and capturing our stories and volunteer work through her writing, photography, and videos. She co-founded our charity Kids Unite 4 Hope and loves volunteering with refugee kids as often as she can. She is a writer for Thrive Global and Elephant Journal and has her own website called Embrace the Wonder which is a platform made to share inspirational and adventure-filled content about the world around us, history, travel, and how we can all make this world a brighter and more peaceful place.

Trevor is 12 and loves to spread kindness and joy wherever he goes. He is always up for a new adventure and is passionate about exploring new places and soaking up their history and culture. He loves meeting new people from all over the world and has an incredible ability to make friends wherever he goes, no matter the language barrier! He is a dedicated Los Angeles Rams fan and can be seen showing locals how to pass and catch an American football in places around the globe. Trevor loves Greek mythology (thank you Rick Riordan!), musicals (especially Hamilton, thank you Lin Manuel Miranda!), music of all kinds (like AC/DC and Imagine Dragons!), games of any kind (especially NFL Madden!), and having fun with friends and family! You can follow his adventures on his YouTube channel, Trevor’s Big World.